The OZ litter

Sire: Lionsbane Hes The Boss “Kimba”
Dam: Shona-The-African Spirit of Ishtar

Once again, we searched long and far for a mate for our Shona and African Bravehearts’s second litter. Fate played a major role this time. I, (Caroline) travelled to Australia to search for a suitable male for my Shona, when suddenly, there he was, looking at me with his lovely eyes. They callled him “The Tasmanian Devil”!

Lionsbane Hes the Boss, aka “Kimba”, who lives in Tasmania was visiting Australia for some shows at the same time I was there. He came up to me and sat in my lap as I cuddled him. I fell in love directly and could not get him out of my mind as my trip through Australia continued.

“Kimba” has a beautiful head, lovely dark eyes, a long elegant neck, an overall strong and well built body, nice top line, good bone structure, excellent angulation both front and rear, a beautiful ridge, movements with a very good drive, a deep red colour (no white at all) and a fantastic temperament. He is a true show dog that really loves showing himself.
“Kimba” has won BIS (all breeds), BISS at the 2004 RR National Show in Melbourne, RUBISS and numerous BOB wins.

Mrs Dawn Redman of Shelridge Kennels says “Kimba is arguably one of the best male Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the country. His numerous show accolades include BIS, BISS, RUBIS, RUBISS, BIG, RUBIG to name only a few. Kimbas temperament is superb and one could not ask for any better than the one he possess.”

We would like to thank “Kimbas” owner Lisa & David Wardlaw-Kelly for letting us use their gorgeus guy for our Shona.
A big thanks to Diane & Keith Anderson at Cryo Genes, this would not have been possible without you. Also many thanks to Graeme Wright at FrozenPuppies in Tasmania. We feel optimistic about a positive result this time around!
Last, but not least a special, thanks to Miia, Tommi and Maru for all your Hospitality!

Puppies born 2008-12-15
Boys: 1
Girls: 2

ED AD Titles
African Braveheart’s Now I’m Da Boz 0 A SE VCH
African Braveheart’s Gozip Girl 0 A FR UCH, SE UCH
African Braveheart’s Chozen Querida 0 A


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